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Arrow Sewing Furniture Gidget II



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Just like her younger sister (the Gidget I), the Gidget II Table is a self-contained, fully collapsible workstation. Once she arrives, you’ll be saying goodbye to the wiggles, wobbles and general woes of other sewing tables. But that doesn’t mean she can’t easily be stored or transported. With velcro straps to secure her steel locking legs and dual-wheel roller design, transportation to classes, retreats and even your RV is a breeze.

What’s more, an increased opening size of 23 ½” W x 12 ½” D, means the Gidget II Table is capable of supporting a 45-pound machine!

Price includes shipping to your home.  These may also be picked up at the LaSalle store.  Please note in comment section that you would like to pick up in LaSalle.


    • Two Adjustable Sewing Positions Available:
      • Free arm and flatbed
      • Manual platform design with a 45-pound sewing machine capacity
    • Steel locking legs offer unyielding support and balance minimizing vibration for straighter stitches
    • Velcro strap to secure table legs when folded
    • Dual-wheel design makes transport a breeze
    • Made with extremely durable MDF (medium density fiberboard)
    • Mar-resistant melamine surface ensures durability and years of use
    • Includes a yardstick ruler decal with both inch and centimeter measurements for easy reference
    • Arrives fully assembled and ready for use
    • Arrow Sewing Furniture Three-Year Limited Warranty


  • Gidget I has a smaller opening size (17 ½” W vs 7 ⅜” D) compared to the large opening on Gidget II (23 ½” W x 12” D)
  • Gidget II Table features two wheels for easier portability when folded flat. Gidget I does not have wheels but can easily be transported with collapsible legs.
  • Gidget I is made of particle board with steel locking legs. Gidget II is made with denser MDF (medium density fiberboard) and steel locking legs.
  • Gidget II will require a custom made insert for her opening. Gidget I has a smaller opening, and may not need an insert if your machine is deep enough to fill most gaps.