BERNETTE 42 FUNLOCK–Coverstitch Machine


BERNETTE 42 FUNLOCK–Coverstitch Machine



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NOTE: Bernina USA is experiencing a shortage of sewing machines and parts due in part to last year’s interruption in the supply chain.  Please give us a call at 815-410-5068 to check on availability or to get your name on our waiting list.

The low-cost 4-thread and 3 needle coverstitch machine – for professional hems.

  • 4-thread / 3-needle coverstitch machine
  • Large working area to the right of the needle
  • 87mm Bright LED light Differential feed outside, can be adjusted while sewing
  • Easy threading due to the colour-coded threading paths
  • Manual needle threader

The Bernette 42 Funlock is a coverstitch machine with a total of 4 coverstitches. Professional stitches on seams, cuffs and bindings give your sewing project a perfect look. Particularly stretchy fabrics or thin knitwear such as jersey can be handled perfectly with the Bernette 42. The threading of the needle and looper is supported by a mechanical looper threader and a manual needle threader. And a bright LED light ensures excellent visibility on the large work surface

Note: Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.

Wide coverstitches 2.8 / 5.6 mm
Speed (stitches/minute) 1300

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