Lakeside Retreats with Lisa!

Lakeside Retreats with Lisa!



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Come hang out with Lisa and Parker in the Manitowoc Retreat Center…..aka…..Lisa’s home away from home!  We will be joined by one other Quilting in the Valley gal…..Carol, Laurie, or Deanna…..or maybe another one, who knows!  We are all there to help you with whatever questions you have, whatever techniques you’d like to try and haven’t yet, etc, etc, etc!  AND….to have fun!  (Parker really loves to see retreaters, and he really loves to get pets and snacks!)

We will offer these to both Day Campers, and Lakeside Retreat Lodgers. Included for both: Dinner on Day 1 and Day 3, Lunch on Day 3, Day 3, and Day 4.  Continental breakfast available every morning . (Day 2 dinner on your own downtown Manitowoc! Enjoy the great restaurants!)  We have lots of time for you to sew on your own projects, with help from us as needed.  We will be sewing along with you, but we are there to help you learn your machines, learn techniques, and try new things!

We will also always have a small project to do as a ‘class’, optional for all! Lakeside Retreat Overnighters will share a room with one other person, as well as a bath.  The Lakeside Retreat Center has PLENTY of space for all!

We check in at noon on Day 1, then sew on the small ‘class’ project or your own project through the day in our large classroom. (We will always have the option for folks to run to the shops downtown to see what is new and fun during our sew days!) We have dinner together Day 1. Day 2 starts with a continental breakfast, then we head to the large, fully equipped classroom for sewing together all day!   We have lunch together, but you all get time to run out on your own to grab dinner at one of the great local restaurants. Day 3,  we start with a continental breakfast, then we resume sewing on our projects. Break for lunch together, back to sewing…..or maybe take a walk along the lakeshore!  Dinner together later that night. Day 4 starts with a continental breakfast, then we resume sewing on our projects till lunch. Lunch together, then we will pack up to begin heading out.

Come join us……a maximum of 6 people can lodge in the retreat center, 8 more can either lodge locally, or go home each night!  (We highly recommend the Econolodge across the street from us to stay in if you are a Day Camper!  They are completely remodeled and they have a full hot breakfast.  And it’s a SHORT walk to the classroom!) There is an elevator to take all your overnight stuff upstairs, and we load all your sewing stuff directly into the classroom when you arrive.  We are available to help you get your machines out of and into your cars as needed.  There is also a large cart that you can load all your stuff onto from your car, and then wheel it upstairs or into the classroom.

There is a refrigerator, microwave, and service items in the classroom, so bring all the beverages and snacks you want for there.  There is a fully equipped kitchen in the retreat center, so plenty of room for your drinks and such there.  Coffee pods with cream and sugar are complementary in the retreat center. We have retreats scheduled throughout the winter, and sometimes weather may be a problem for you.  (Probably not a problem in Manitowoc, it tends to melt off rather quickly there!!)  If inclement weather prevents you from traveling to the retreat center, then your retreat can simply be moved to another date.  Contact us in order to do so!  If weather prevents you from leaving to go home on time, you can rest assured that you will be able to stay in the retreat center until it is safe to head back home.

We will add dates frequently…….check back for the newest dates often! Retreat bookings are refundable up until 30 days prior to the retreat.  At that point, you will only be refunded if your spot fills.

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Dates and options

Feb 14-17 RetreatLodger, Feb 14-17 Day Camper, Feb 22-25 RetreatLodger, Feb 22-25 Day Camper, March 17-20 RetreatLodger, March 17-20 Day Camper, April 21-24 RetreatLodger, April 21-24 Day Camper, May 19-22 RetreatLodger, May 19-22 DayCamper, June 6-9 RetreatLodger, June 6-9 DayCamper, July 14-17 RetreatLodger, July 14-17 DayCamper, Aug 4-7 RetreatLodger, August 4-7 DayCamper, Sept 29-Oct2 RetreatLodger, Sept 29-Oct2 DayCamper, Oct 4-7 RetreatLodger, Oct 4-7 DayCamper, Nov 10-13 RetreatLodger, Nov 10-13 DayCamper, Nov 15-18 RetreatLodger, Nov 15-18 DayCamper, Dec 15-18 RetreatLodger, Dec 15-18 DayCamper