Pre-Order Quilting in the Valley Book TWO


Pre-Order Quilting in the Valley Book TWO




You know we have nothing better to do!  So we’ve designed 12 more patterns, in both Large Lap and Queen sizes, and this time we are adding to them!  This book will have both Accuquilt AND rotary cutting directions.  (If using Accuquilt, we will be using the 8″ Qube, 8″ Angles, 9″ Qube, 3″ strip die, 2 1/2″ strip die, 1 1/2″ strip die, and 6″ Qube.)

The patterns are being written as I type, and we will begin making these over the next month.  Give us two weeks for editing, and another month for printing, and we forecast that we will have these out for delivery by the first of January!!

We will have fun recipes in this one, too……if you have a great recipe, don’t forget to post it on the Valley Girls Shared Cookbook page so that we can include it!