QITV’s Worlds of Magic and Wonder Bus Trip Feb 9-Feb 17, 2024

QITV’s Worlds of Magic and Wonder Bus Trip Feb 9-Feb 17, 2024



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Holy Cow….this trip is going to be jam packed with things to bring the kid out in each and every one of us!

Day 1-We leave LaSalle at 7AM on the morning of Feb 9th and head south, with a stop at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement for lunch and shopping in Kentucky and then our overnight in Dalton, GA.

Day 2-We continue our drive to Orlando with a stop at Buckey’s-(because you HAVE to see this!), and a couple more stops for food and snacks.  We arrive at the Drury Inn hotel in Disney Springs for a 6 night stay.  (This is right in the Disney Entertainment District!)

Day 3-We visit one of the Disney Properties, the Happiest Place on Earth!  Your choice which one!  We will have three days to visit the Disney Properties, you decide which ones you’re going to visit on which days!  (There are four properties to choose from:  Disney World, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.)  We will be dropped off at the gates each day.

Day 4-Another Disney Property!

Day 5-Another Disney Property!

Day 6-We head out to Cape Canaveral for a REALLY cool tour of the Kennedy Space Center.  (Spoiler-you won’t BELIEVE how small the space capsules were!!!!)  We get to spend all the time we need to explore, shop, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful area before heading back to Orlando.

Day 7-We visit Universal Studios for the day……so much fun….so many movies come to life!  Get your fix of all things Harry Potter….have some Butterbeer.  (It’s really good!)  Ride some rides, shop at some shops, watch a couple shows, it’s up to you!

Day 8-We leave at 7AM to head back to Dalton, GA for the night.

Day 9-We visit Rock City Gardens in the morning. Take your time to explore the natural wonders and take lots of pictures.  When we’ve had our fill, we head back home with our heads filled with amazing memories and our cameras filled with photos to remind us of all the fun we had!  We should arrive home in the neighborhood of 7PM.

What’s included:  First class coach transportation with Tri State Travel, 8 nights hotel accommodations with breakfast each morning:  Drury Inn in Orlando, and Holiday Inn Express in Dalton, a 3 Day Pass to Disney Properties, Entrance to the Kennedy Space Center, a 1 Day Pass to Universal Studios, and lunch At Patti’s 1880’s Settlement.

If you are not familiar:  Disney World is the theme park that includes many rides based on Disney cartoons and characters.  (Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Hall of Presidents, and more.)  Epcot Center is the park with the science, technology, and innovation exhibits along with the International Village featuring dining, gifts, and exploration of cultures from around the world.  Hollywood Studios has rides and attractions based on many different movies, special effects, and shows.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom features rides, shows, and lots of different animals in natural settings.

This trip is intended for adults only, and we are limiting the age to over 21 only.  If you have not been to any of these properties, you will be pleased to note that there are MANY places to sit down, everything is easily accessible, and there are LOTS of places to grab a drink, snack, eat, and simply enjoy the scenery.  This should be considered a low to moderate activity level tour.  You should be able to walk unassisted, and able to navigate steps as needed for boarding the bus and in other public spaces.

Remember or rediscover your sense of wonder!  Work your facial muscles out as we drop our jaws in awe over and over!  Giggle, play, explore, and just enjoy yourself like there’s no tomorrow with us on this fun trip:-)

Total cost for the trip:  $2300 per person, double occupancy.  ($800 single supplement.)

Deposit is $300, refundable until September 1st, 2023.  After that, the deposit is only refundable if your spot is filled.  You will be billed two separate payments of $1000 per person on September 1st and January 1st.   Payments on this trip are refundable only if your spot is filled.

Travel insurance is something that you can add on your own at:  www.travelinsurance.com.  (Quilting in the Valley is not affiliated with this service.)