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Valley Girls are creative, strong, caring, kind and unstoppable — and they love a good bargain!  By joining our online shopping club, you’ll get access to our “STUFF” promotions throughout the year.  In the past, you’ve signed up through your local store, providing your name, address and credit card information.  We’re moving it online to make it easier for you to order the items you want and to ensure the safety of your sensitive information.  It’ll also help us to better fulfill your orders and get them shipped out in a timely manner.

Here’s how it works:  Each day, Lisa will introduce the item in a Facebook LIVE! presentation at 10 a.m.  When you log into your account at, you will have access to the item at the special price for 24 hours.  Add it to your cart, at the end of the week, proceed to “Checkout” where you will be charged and the order sent for processing.  By using the online membership, you will receive an itemized invoice and a tracking number once your package is shipped.