Frequently Asked Questions about Your Account

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions concerning your online account with Quilting in the Valley. If the issue is not covered here, or you need additional assistance, please email our Online Store Manager at [email protected].  Please allow 1 business day for a reply.

Can I place an order without creating an account or logging into my existing account?
You can place an order without logging into your account, but the order will not appear in your list of recent orders.  We suggest logging into your account whenever you shop our store online.

Can I subscribe to a product without an account?
No.  Subscription products require an account with a saved credit card on file so that monthly charges for the subscription can be processed.

How can I check to make sure my order was placed?
If you were logged in when you ordered, the order will show in the ORDERS tab on your account dashboard.  You can click on the VIEW button to see the details about this order.    You should also receive an email from Quilting in the Valley when your order is placed.  Sometimes this takes a while to appear in your inbox.

How can I check to see if my order has mailed?
You should receive an email from Quilting in the Valley indicating your order has shipped with the tracking number attached.  Also, for product orders (NOT subscriptions), when the status of the order shows COMPLETED, your order has shipped.

How can I check to see if my subscription has mailed?
Subscription mailings typically occur within 5 days of the renewal payment date.  You will receive an email notification from Quilting in the Valley when your subscription is mailed.  This email will provide you with a tracking number.

Can I cancel my subscription?
When you sign up for a subscription product, Quilting in the Valley orders the materials or kit specifically for you for the length of the subscription.  Sometimes, subscriptions are limited to the number of kits we have and if you’ve chosen to sign up, someone else may have not had the opportunity.  Therefore, we ask you to consider carefully when you make a commitment to one of our subscription programs.

I’ve moved. How do I change my address?
On your account dashboard, click on ADDRESSES.  Your billing address and your shipping address will show.  Click on EDIT in billing address and enter your new address.  At the bottom, right above the SAVE ADDRESS button is a small block to check to update the billing address on all your active subscriptions.  Click this if you have active subscriptions.  Then click SAVE ADDRESS.  Repeat the above steps to change the shipping address.

I’m going to be away from home for a while, can you send all my orders/subscriptions to another address?
Yes.  On your account dashboard, click on ADDRESSES.  Click on EDIT in shipping address and enter your new address.  At the bottom, right above the SAVE ADDRESS button is a small block to check to update the billing address on all your active subscriptions.  Check it. Then click SAVE ADDRESS.  Just remember to change it back when you get back home.

I need an order or subscription shipped to an address different than my billing address.
When placing an order, on the CHECKOUT page, you will have the opportunity to change the shipping address.  Under BILLING DETAILS, click on the box that says SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS? Enter the name and address you wish to ship to.  THIS will change the shipping information ONLY for this one order or subscription.  It will not change your account information.

Can I just enter the shipping address in the COMMENTS section?
No.  Our shipping process is automated and the information is pulled from the shipping information fields.

My credit card has been compromised, has expired, or I wish to change the card used on a subscription.
Log in to your account.  Click on PAYMENT METHODS.  On the right, you will see a listing of the credit cards on file.  (Please note that if you click on EDIT, the only option you have is whether that card is set as the default payment method.) You can also DELETE this card – but only after you’ve added a new payment method for any active subscriptions.

If you need to enter a new card and have no active subscriptions:  Click on ADD PAYMENT METHOD. Enter the information and click ADD PAYMENT METHOD.  If the old card number has been compromised, expired or you no longer wish to use it on this site, this is a good time to DELETE that card. Return to the dashboard and click on PAYMENT METHODS, then click on DELETE by the card that is no longer valid.

 If you have active subscriptions tied to a card that has expired or has been compromised: Click on SUBSCRIPTIONS.  Click on VIEW on one of your subscriptions and then click on CHANGE PAYMENT.  Here you can select another card (if one has been entered) or click USE A NEW CARD and enter the new card information.

Right below the area where you input the new card information is a box to check:  UPDATE THE PAYMENT METHOD USED FOR ALL OF MY CURRENT SUBSCRIPTIONS (OPTIONAL).  When you check this box, all of your subscriptions will be processed using this new card.  Click it and then click CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD.  You can now delete the old card from your account, by returning to the dashboard and clicking on PAYMENT METHODS, then clicking on DELETE by the card that is no longer valid.

I need to change my account details (name, password, email address).
Log in to your account.  On the dashboard select ACCOUNT DETAILS.  Make changes as necessary. Click SAVE CHANGES.  Please note that our new website includes greater protection and security features.  You may be prompted to change your password to a more secure one.

I’ve forgotten my username.
If you’ve forgotten your user name, trying entering your email address.  If that doesn’t work, email the online store manager at [email protected] for help.

I’ve lost my password.
On the login screen, click on LOST MY PASSWORD.  You will receive an email giving you a link to reset your password.